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At WordPress Wizardry our driving passion is to help our clients receive all the value from their website they were either promised or envisioned. We work hand in hand with you through every step and provide complete documentation and training after our work is done. Our goal is to empower you. If you have to come back to us with a similar issue then we didn’t do our job the first time.

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We specialize in site recovery from hacks and malicious code, custom WordPress functionality and site optimization.

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Is your website currently down?  Infected with gambling or porn pages?  Have you lost access to Admin account?  We are here to help.  We have a team ready to work with you to get your site back into tip-top shape.  We delete any spam content, close any back-doors created by hackers, clean malicious database entries and files and make sure all your themes and plugins are updated and secure.  We also fully document every change we make and provide an after action review with you to make certain you know how to keep your site safe and secure going forward.

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Does you website load slowly? Did you know that half of your visitors will abandon your site and never return if it loads too slowly? And with the emergence of mobile users the issue is even more pronounced. If your site load time is greater than 2-3 seconds then you will lose visitors, customers, and conversions. Let our experts help you tune your site to deliver the most optimal page speed possible.


Did your web designer hand you your finished site and then disappear from the face of the earth? Do you need more functionality added than you first thought and don’t know to make it happen. Whether you need help added email lists and auto-responders, social media integration, custom forms, or other special customization work we are you answer. One of the joys of WordPress is the many options of themes and plugins but for the new user that can be a bit overwhelming. Let us take the mystery out of the equation for you.

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We would love to work with you or your customization or issue.  Please get in touch and we will get back to you normally within 4-8 hours – 7 days/week.
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My site wasn’t working properly and I honestly had no idea as to the cause. Paul was able to determine my site had been infected with malicious code within minutes. He then spent the next two days cleaning and repairing all the damage as well as ensuring my site was no longer vulnerable. Julie

Owner, Envision Your Freedom

I needed some custom functionality built into my site and I was unable to find a plugin that would do exactly what I needed. After a few emails back and forth Paul came up with a quick and easy solution that has worked without fail. Jake

Site Owner, Australian Career Hub

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